Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sister Card

My two sisters and I have what we call "Sister Trips".  Only the three of us are allowed to go, no husbands, no kids, and no grandkids.  We try to make these trips at least once a year, even if it is only for a weekend.

A few weekends ago we decided to meet in Portland, Oregon (half way for all of us), so we could all go see the new movie "One For The Money".  This movie is based on the books by Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum Series.  We all read all the books so we decided that we HAD to see the movie together.

When I got home, I created this card as a thank you to my sisters for the great trip and always for being my best friends ever!  Hope you like the card.
On a side note, I also screen printed matching shirts for us all to wear to the movie. See below!
Hope you enjoy the pictures of my crazy, beautiful, wonderful sisters and me!


  1. fabulous card and a wonderful photo...have a super fabby week!

    enjoy *~*

  2. What a wonderful bond you and your sisters share and how great you get to spend time together. Love the Tshirts. Dana