Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween Decor...

Have I mentioned yet how much I LOVE Halloween? Maybe once or twice right?  Well, this year my 17 year old daughter is in Leadership at school.  As the Secretary she is in charge of decorating the commons for Halloween! 

How excited am I?  TOTALLY EXCITED!! I just got my first 12x24 mat and papers for my Cricut Expression 2:Anniversary Edition, just so I could help her with the decorations! Tonight I made a Dr. Frankenstein's monster that will be placed on the door to the boy's bathroom.  Below is a picture of my Granddaughter, (who helped a lot), holding the almost 2 foot tall Frankenstein.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to finish the Mrs. Frankenstein that will be placed on the girls bathroom door.  After that I (we) will be able to move on to other decorations.  The school will not allow us to display any thing that says "Happy Halloween" but we can do the decor.  The plan is also to do a lot of trees, leaves, acorns, etc for a more Fall look as well as the creepy, spooky, and scary decorations that will go with it!

I really cannot wait for it to all come together.  Hope you like what I (we) have done so far.

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