Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to School!!!!

It is (finally) that time of year again when all the kids are going back to school.  A lot of us parents can have mixed emotions about BTS, I know I do.  On one hand we may be happy that we don't have to worry about paying for those extra hours of day care, or we have a few hours to ourselves during the day to get things done or just sit and relax.  But then again, we may also miss our children while they are away and long for that sometimes annoying sound of hearing "MOM" followed by whatever it is that the child may want or need.

In any case, back to school is definitely time to archive those memories.  The first day of school outfit, the new hair cut, and the usual jitters the kids have on the first day back at school.  Wondering if they will like their teacher(s), are they going to be in the same class as their friends, or will they have a whole new set of friends to meet?

My parents always told me to cherish my children's childhood.  She always said "they will only want to hold your hand and spend time with you for a short amount of time".  I have found this to be very true as my youngest is now a junior in high school.  Every one of my kids now have their own lives and even though they are still wonderful and we all have great relationships, I miss those times when they were little and Mom had all the answers!

Make sure you preserve those memories for you and your child to look back on later.  You both will be glad that you did.

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