Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween Decor...

Have I mentioned yet how much I LOVE Halloween? Maybe once or twice right?  Well, this year my 17 year old daughter is in Leadership at school.  As the Secretary she is in charge of decorating the commons for Halloween! 

How excited am I?  TOTALLY EXCITED!! I just got my first 12x24 mat and papers for my Cricut Expression 2:Anniversary Edition, just so I could help her with the decorations! Tonight I made a Dr. Frankenstein's monster that will be placed on the door to the boy's bathroom.  Below is a picture of my Granddaughter, (who helped a lot), holding the almost 2 foot tall Frankenstein.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to finish the Mrs. Frankenstein that will be placed on the girls bathroom door.  After that I (we) will be able to move on to other decorations.  The school will not allow us to display any thing that says "Happy Halloween" but we can do the decor.  The plan is also to do a lot of trees, leaves, acorns, etc for a more Fall look as well as the creepy, spooky, and scary decorations that will go with it!

I really cannot wait for it to all come together.  Hope you like what I (we) have done so far.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

October Stamp of the Month...

Getting ready for Christmas is always a busy and stressful time of the year.  I am hoping to get a jump on my Christmas cards this year by using the October Stamp of the Month "Holiday Magic".  I know, it isn't even Halloween yet but the earlier the start the less stress on me!  Here is a board I made of designs to use for Christmas Cards.  I have to give a shout out to my sister CTMH Consultant, Aaron Brown for inspiration for these projects.

All projects were made using the following: Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge (only from CTMH), Believe paper pack, Topiary, Holiday Red, and Sky Exclusive Inks, Close to my Heart Ribbon, and of course the October Stamp of the Month!

Flo from Progressive!

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday.  I love the fact you can dress up in crazy costumes and no one thinks you are totally weird, (just a little weird).  I also think the the Progressive commercials starring "Flo" are so funny and cute that I decided to dress up as Flo for Halloween.

Flo, of course, would not be complete without a "tricked out name tag" so I created on using the new Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge that is exclusive to Close To My Heart!  I added glitter, minus the unicorns, some ribbon and made a 3-D flower to really trick it out!

Eventually I will get a head band and put matching flowers on it too.  Hope you enjoy my silliness!

Monday, September 12, 2011

New cards for a card class

Next week I am doing a card class.  5 cards for $5 I am doing a variety of cards from different paper packs.  Here are the cards we will be making.
This card is made with Sunset Card Stock, All Hallows Eve MyAcrilyx stamp set, Cocoa Exclusive Ink, Cocoa and White Embossing Powder, and the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge.
The Lucky paper pack has been one of my favorites this year.  This card was made with Lucky paper, Sunset CS, Lucky MyAcrilyx stamp set, Sunset Exclusive Ink, Desert Sand Exclusive Ink, and Outdoor Denim Exclusive Ink.
Another favorite paper pack is Fanfare!  I love this paper because it is so versatile and fun!  I used the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge to cut out the cupcake and layers.  I inked it with Cranberry ink.  It is a simple card to make that is fun and fits any birthday occasion!
I call this card Scull Candle.  It is a very simple card but I think the white embossing really makes it shine.  I also cut the card and layers from the Art Philosophy Cartridge.  Inside it says Happy Halloween.  I used the stamp set that comes with the Mischief Workshop on the Go as well as the Mischief paper and Chocolate Card Stock.
Sophia paper is awesome.  I love all the colors!  This card was made using a regular pre-cut 4.25 X 5.5 inch card and I used the corner rounder for the bottom edges.  I cut out the rectangles then used the corner rounder on those as well as the squares.  The bird and the "you are so amazing" sentiment were stamped with Pear Ink. 

I hope everyone at class enjoys making these cards, I know that I did!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to School!!!!

It is (finally) that time of year again when all the kids are going back to school.  A lot of us parents can have mixed emotions about BTS, I know I do.  On one hand we may be happy that we don't have to worry about paying for those extra hours of day care, or we have a few hours to ourselves during the day to get things done or just sit and relax.  But then again, we may also miss our children while they are away and long for that sometimes annoying sound of hearing "MOM" followed by whatever it is that the child may want or need.

In any case, back to school is definitely time to archive those memories.  The first day of school outfit, the new hair cut, and the usual jitters the kids have on the first day back at school.  Wondering if they will like their teacher(s), are they going to be in the same class as their friends, or will they have a whole new set of friends to meet?

My parents always told me to cherish my children's childhood.  She always said "they will only want to hold your hand and spend time with you for a short amount of time".  I have found this to be very true as my youngest is now a junior in high school.  Every one of my kids now have their own lives and even though they are still wonderful and we all have great relationships, I miss those times when they were little and Mom had all the answers!

Make sure you preserve those memories for you and your child to look back on later.  You both will be glad that you did.